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Netmarble ‘Second Country’, ‘Artificial Intelligence’ Feature introduction

Second country_AI mode image [Photo: Netmarble] [Digital Today Correspondent Choi Ji-yeon] Netmarble announced on the 4th that it will develop and introduce a new artificial intelligence (AI) mode for the emotional adventure RPG ‘Second Country: Cross Worlds’ to be released on the 10th. Netmarble introduced the AI ​​function to the existing mobile game ‘non-connection mode’. ….  Read More

Bitcoin may break out again in the second half of the year

After experiencing a surge in the first quarter, Bitcoin (BTC) has been relatively calm in the second quarter so far, even when Ethereum (ETH), Dogecoin (DOGE) and other crypto assets exploded. In 2020 and early 2021, changing macroeconomic conditions helped drive the rise of BTC and brought a new wave of institutional investors. Now, the ….  Read More

Can Chia become the second Bitcoin?

Since last month, a mining project called Chia has spread all over the world at lightning speed. Many people have asked fake teachers to write an opinion about Chia. This is called ” Can the “Second Bitcoin” project be launched, and will it really become the second Bitcoin? First of all, with regard to the ….  Read More

Coinbase’s first employee: why DAO is the second biggest breakthrough in blockchain

Recently, Ethereum founder “V God” Vitalik Buterin talked about decentralized autonomous organizations (DAO), decentralized governance, and DeFi. DAO exists in the form of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain, enabling people to collaborate in a non-hierarchical organization, and has begun to emerge in recent months. At the end of April, the Wyoming State Assembly formally ….  Read More

KB Finance Creates Second Startup Support Center in Gwanak

Seoul National University President Oh Se-jung (from left), Park Joon-hee, Gwanak-gu Officer, and KB Kookmin Bank Chairman Huh In, signed a’Business Agreement for Revitalization of Venture and Startup Ecosystem in Gwanak-gu’ on the 3rd and taking commemorative photos. [Photo: KB Financial Group] [Digital Today Reporter Kang Jin-gyu] KB Financial Group (Chairman Jong-gyu Yoon) announced on ….  Read More

Wu Fengheng: Blockchain is the second layer of the next-generation Internet

A few days ago, Wu Fengheng, executive director of MoChain Technology, stated in his keynote speech “How Blockchain Networks Help the Digital Economy” that blockchain, as the blockchain network of the next-generation Internet’s second-tier network, is essentially characterized as being a part of the network. Rather than simple tool positioning. The next-generation blockchain network has ….  Read More

Bybit beats CME to rank second in Bitcoin futures exchange

Bybit, a global cryptocurrency derivatives exchange, ranked second in the world in the Bitcoin futures trading industry rankings, overtaking the Chicago Merchandise Exchange CME. According to the cryptocurrency industry information analysis firm Skew., BiBit’s non-liquidation of Bitcoin futures contracts reached $3.53 billion, accounting for 16.1% of the world, closely following Binance, the number one market ….  Read More