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Congruent Labs, the Next-Generation of Cybersecurity, is Disrupting the Cryptocurrency Industry with their Identity and Access Solution

CANBERRA, Australia, June 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — ZEXPRWIRE, Congruent Labs, an Australian-based cybersecurity and identity management company, is working to disrupt the outdated cybersecurity industry by making their sought-after services accessible and affordable today. In an effort to revolutionize a critical service that helps millions of businesses in the face of breaches, hacks, and ….  Read More

Uniswap V3 evaluation: how to lead the next wave of DeFi bull market?

Summary If you only look at it from a micro perspective, especially for traditional traders, V3’s granularization concept is unremarkable, and its trading method is closer to a centralized exchange. But in the long run, V3 brings more customization and composability to investors, greatly expanding the boundaries of DeFi investment strategies. The significance of V3 ….  Read More

CEO of precious metals copyright company Metalla: “Cryptocurrency will trigger the next financial crisis”

CEO of precious metals copyright company Metalla: “Cryptocurrency will trigger the next financial crisis” Brett Heath, chief executive of precious metals copyright and streaming company Metalla Royalty&Streaming, warned that cryptocurrencies will “trigger the next financial crisis.” Metalla Royalty&Streaming is a company headquartered in Canada, founded in 1983, and currently has a net worth of nearly ….  Read More

MasterCard survey: 40% of people plan to use cryptocurrency to pay next year

According to a survey by credit card giant MasterCard, 40% of people plan to pay with cryptocurrency next year. The survey was released on May 4, entitled “Consumer Appetite for Digital Payments Takes Off”, with more than 15,500 respondents from 18 countries. The survey shows that millennials are particularly keen on cryptocurrency, and more than ….  Read More

Samsung Electronics, next-generation semiconductor package ‘I-Cube4’ Development…Production period ‘shortened’ Yield improvement

Next-generation semiconductor package technology’I-Cube4′ [Photo: Samsung Electronics] [Digital Today Reporter Jo Beliem Eum] Samsung Electronics announced on the 6th that it has developed a proprietary 2.5D package technology’I-Cube4′ that implements a logic chip and four HBM (High Bandwidth Memory) chips in one package. I-Cube (Interposer-Cube) is an independent 2.5D package solution brand introduced by Samsung ….  Read More

Fantom ($FTM) Market Cap Exceeds $2 Billion Scaling DeFi Space to the Next Level

Thanks to Fantom blockchain platform’s explosive popularity and increasing value, $FTM’s total market cap has exceeded $2 billion for the first time. Sydney, Australia, May 03, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — As $FTM is expected to soon reach its all-time-high price of $0.815 per token, Fantom’s total market capitalization is now $2 billion. Fantom has recently ….  Read More

Wu Fengheng: Blockchain is the second layer of the next-generation Internet

A few days ago, Wu Fengheng, executive director of MoChain Technology, stated in his keynote speech “How Blockchain Networks Help the Digital Economy” that blockchain, as the blockchain network of the next-generation Internet’s second-tier network, is essentially characterized as being a part of the network. Rather than simple tool positioning. The next-generation blockchain network has ….  Read More