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[Exclusive] Able CNC CEO Jo Jung-yeol was sacked…

[Digital Today Correspondent Jo Shin-eum] Able CNC CEO Jo Jung-yeol was sacked due to poor performance and Kim Yu-jin, managing director of IMM Private Equity (PE), was appointed as the new CEO. According to a cosmetic industry insider, Kim Yu-jin will officially take office as CEO of Able CNC on the 21st. Able CNC, which ….  Read More

The J’JO Investment Service will be launched in mid-May

A startup headquartered in Estonia is launching the J’JO Investment Service, which aims to provide ordinary users the opportunity to professionally invest in the cryptocurrency market. Tallin, Estonia, April 27, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Every year, the influx of new participants in the crypto market is increasing significantly. Most of these users are unskilled private ….  Read More