April 16, 2021

GoPax exceeds 600,000 cumulative members…Recommended Reward Double Event

[Digital Today Reporter Hwang Chi-gyu] Gaboxsan Exchange Gopax (CEO Jun-haeng Lee) holds an event in commemoration of the cumulative membership of 600,000. According to the company, […]
March 24, 2021

Grayscale, “double flowers”, and production cuts make Filecoin a hit

Filecoin’s recent good news frequently include three things: Grayscale officially announced the launch of the FIL trust product on March 17, the Filecoin “double flower” farce, […]
March 5, 2021

US stocks and bonds double kill! Powell disappointed the market, Bitcoin fell by more than $4,000 at one point

Fed Chairman Powell’s speech did not show that he was worried about inflation and did not signal possible actions such as “Operation Twist.” U.S. Treasury yields […]