May 13, 2021

Facebook DM fails to issue in Switzerland…turns to the U.S.

[Photo: DM Association] [Digital Today Reporter Hyeon-woo Choo] The global stablecoin project led by Facebook, Diem, is scheduled to abandon issuance in Switzerland and move to […]
April 22, 2021

Facebook ‘DM’, small pilot distribution forecast within this year

[Photo: Shutterstock] [Digital Today Reporter Choo Hyun-woo] Economic media CNBC reported on the 20th (local time) that the stablecoin project’Diem’, which Facebook is leading the development […]
March 21, 2021

Facebook cryptocurrency ‘DM’ Kevin Weil, who led development, leaves the company… uncertainty grows

As Kevin Weil, one of the key figures leading the Facebook-led cryptocurrency DM project, leaves the company, some observers say that the uncertainty of DM has […]