June 4, 2021

SBI Investment signs a contract to sell Bithumb Korea worth KRW 1 billion with Hong Kong-based PE through unlisted block deal service on the Seoul Exchange

PSX (CEO Kim Se-young), which operates unlisted stock trading platform Seoul Exchange (CEO Kim Se-young), recently introduced ‘Seoul Exchange Unlisted Block Deal’ service to trade unlisted […]
February 19, 2021

[Today’s ‘Upbit’ Top 10 Growth Rate] (17:37 Cryptocurrency Market Status) Polymath 184.23% Increase, Upbit Exchange MediBloc 18.9 KRW 87.13% Increase, Spendcoin Price 17.9 KRW, Dicargo Price 44.8 KRW, Tron Price 59.1 KRW 2.25% Increase Doing business…

[Today’s’Upbit’ rise rate Top 10] (17:37 cryptocurrency market conditions) Polymath up 184.23%, Upbit Exchange MediBloc 18.9 won 87.13% rise, Spendcoin price 17.9 won, Dicargo price 44.8 […]