June 4, 2021

SBI Investment signs a contract to sell Bithumb Korea worth KRW 1 billion with Hong Kong-based PE through unlisted block deal service on the Seoul Exchange

PSX (CEO Kim Se-young), which operates unlisted stock trading platform Seoul Exchange (CEO Kim Se-young), recently introduced ‘Seoul Exchange Unlisted Block Deal’ service to trade unlisted […]
May 15, 2021

HMM, 1Q operating profit of KRW 1,199.3 billion, the highest record ever

HMM’s world’s largest container ship’Algeciras’ HMM achieved the highest quarterly performance since its inception due to a surge in shipping freight rates and an increase in […]
February 26, 2021

Flybit, officially listed on the Oric Network (AUSCM) won (KRW) market

Flybit, officially listed on the Oric Network (AUSCM) won (KRW) market -Plan to discover and actively support excellent projects that attract attention in the industry The […]
February 19, 2021

[Today’s ‘Upbit’ Top 10 Growth Rate] (17:37 Cryptocurrency Market Status) Polymath 184.23% Increase, Upbit Exchange MediBloc 18.9 KRW 87.13% Increase, Spendcoin Price 17.9 KRW, Dicargo Price 44.8 KRW, Tron Price 59.1 KRW 2.25% Increase Doing business…

[Today’s’Upbit’ rise rate Top 10] (17:37 cryptocurrency market conditions) Polymath up 184.23%, Upbit Exchange MediBloc 18.9 won 87.13% rise, Spendcoin price 17.9 won, Dicargo price 44.8 […]