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Crypto Cold War Era: The U.S. VS China’s Blockchain Hegemony Struggle

The world’s two largest economies are carrying out the largest national power competition in history, involving trade to artificial intelligence and other aspects, and the new battlefield, the blockchain field, is also sounding the clarion call for charging. Tensions in Sino-U.S. Relations China has been actively seeking to improve its breakthroughs in the field of ….  Read More

Peter Till “Bitcoin Threatens China’s Financial Weapons, Dollar Hegemony”

Peter Thiel [Photo: Wikimedia] [Digital Today Reporter Hyeonwoo Choo] Peter Thiel, the founder of PayPal and a famous investor in Silicon Valley, sharply criticized the US virtual asset policy. According to foreign media such as Cointelegraph on the 7th (local time), Peter Till warned that the spread of virtual assets centered on bitcoin could destroy ….  Read More