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Count the skyrocketing animal coins

Lead: Since the start of Dogecoin on April 16th with a 200% increase in a single day, there have been figures named Shiba Inu coins, Akita coins, Pikachu coins, pig coins, ant coins and other cute pet animals on the encrypted market. The typical feature of many animal coins is the roller coaster market. After ….  Read More

What is the truth behind the skyrocketing Ethereum?

Today, Ethereum broke through $3,300 and hit a record high. According to AssetDash data, the market value of Ethereum has risen to the 18th place in global assets, currently about $390.609 billion, surpassing Nvidia and Mastercard, and Bank of America is now ranked 24th. Standard & Poor’s Dow Jones Indices Co., Ltd. released the Bitcoin ….  Read More

Chia mining continues to heat up, and Chinese miners become the driving force behind the skyrocketing price of hard drives

Forget ASICs or GPUs, Chinese crypto miners are targeting their speculative power at hard drives. A number of hardware news media recently reported that Chinese users’ investment in Chia network mining has increased, causing the price of hard drives to soar, especially for enterprise-level hard drives with large storage capacities. Data from the Chinese mobile ….  Read More