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Well-known analyst Willy Woo: Bitcoin’s overall upward trend is not over yet

The price of Bitcoin dropped sharply this week, with the lowest falling below $30,000. However, popular Bitcoin analyst Willy Woo believes that the overall upward trend of Bitcoin is not over yet. In an interview with podcast Peter McCormack published on the “What Bitcoin DidYouTube” channel on May 21, Woo talked about some points of ….  Read More

Kraken’s latest report: Will the global crypto market continue its upward momentum in May?

# Blockchain 2021-05-16 09:32 0 14,072 Source: Blockchain Knight In order to help users of encrypted assets understand the constantly fluctuating crypto market, the global crypto asset exchange platform Kraken recently released its April 2021 “Crypto Market Observation” monthly report. This 22-page report concisely records the wide range of Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptographic targets ….  Read More