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Mars4 leads innovation in blockchain with income generating NFTs

GIBRALTAR, June 23, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In 2020 alone, $8.9 billion was invested in space startups. Morgan Stanley estimates that this trend is likely to continue and by 2040 revenue from space projects is likely to touchdown at $1 trillion. The world of blockchain is also harvesting the benefits of investment in space projects ….  Read More

Marine Innovation CEO Cha Wan-young receives a presidential commendation commemorating the Sea Day

Cha Wan-young, CEO of Marine Innovation [Digital Today Correspondent Cho Shin-Eum] On May 31st, Cha Wan-Young, CEO of Marine Innovation, an environmental social venture, received the Presidential Citation. CEO Cha received the Presidential Citation on the 26th ‘Sea Day’ for his contribution to the domestic seaweed industry and resource utilization by conducting research and development ….  Read More

Is cryptocurrency a financial innovation or a “Ponzi scheme”?

From a unit price of US$9,000 to more than US$64,000, and then once fell below US$30,000, the cryptocurrency Bitcoin went out of the “roller coaster” market in a year. While “creating wealth” while “cutting leeks”, under the appearance of violent fluctuations, what is the true value of Bitcoin? How should we view cryptocurrency? Many people ….  Read More

Social Enterprise Association, SK Innovation Support Program ‘Attention’

Lee-Hyun Choi, CEO of’More Dan’ (left) and Eui-Hyun Byun, CEO of’Ushisan’ (right) [Digital Today Reporter Kim Yang-ha] SK Innovation’s social enterprise support program is attracting the attention of academia. The Society of Social Enterprises (Chairman Park Jae-hwan, Professor of Chung-Ang University) held a seminar on the subject of’The Social Role of Social Enterprises in the ….  Read More

Jeju Creative Economy Innovation Center, a nursery company, Gongsimchae Agricultural Co., Ltd., a set of reliefs using Jepileaf in Jeju, responded by Naver Happy Bean Funding

Jeju Creative Economy Innovation Center, a nursery company, Gongsimchae Agricultural Co., Ltd., a set of reliefs using Jeju Jepi Leaf, responded by Naver Happy Bean Funding Jeju Center for Creative Economy and Innovation (Chief Jeon Jeong-hwan, hereinafter referred to as Jeju Center), a childcare company, Gongsimchae Agricultural Corporation (CEO Hong Chang-wook, hereinafter, Gongsimchae), launched an ….  Read More

Cryptocurrency challenges consumer finance innovation…Eco attracts $25 million

Companies that have invested in Eco. [Digital Today Reporter Hwang Chi-gyu] Eco, a fintech startup that challenges existing consumer financial services innovation using cryptocurrency, has attracted an additional $25 million investment under the initiative of Andressen Horowitz, a leading US venture investment company. Echo is a company that changed its brand to Echo, which was ….  Read More