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GS25 sells COVID-19 self-test kits at some directly managed stores

Corona 19 self-test kit (photo GS25) On the 5th, GS25, a convenience store operated by GS Retail, announced that it will start trial sales of a new coronavirus infection (Corona 19) self-test kit. The trial-selling self-test kits were approved by the Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, and are two types of’Covid 19 Self Test’ ….  Read More

Why do some economists still believe that Bitcoin is worthless?

The intrinsic value of an asset determines its long-term existence in the market. After all, the “spicy” taste is the intrinsic value of the pepper, which is tangible and can be felt or estimated. However, until now for a long time, some economists have been unable to associate Bitcoin with any of these basic characteristics, ….  Read More

Fund pool was hacked DODO: working hard to save some funds

On March 9th, Luciano, the founder of DeFiLATAM, the DeFi community in Latin America, tweeted that the wCRES/USDT fund pool on the decentralized exchange DODO seemed to be hacked and transferred to WrappedCRES (wCRES) worth nearly US$980,000. USDT of 1.14 million USD. Later, DODO said on Twitter that the DODO v2 version of WSZO, WCRES, ….  Read More

Coinbase CEO says no politics at work. Some peers disagree – Los Angeles Times

Coinbase CEO says no politics at work. Some peers disagree  Los Angeles Times Cryptocurrency company Coinbase defends rule against politics at work | TheHill  The Hill How Coinbase became a guinea pig in the Silicon Valley culture war  Axios Coinbase wants to get out of politics. But is that even possible in today’s America?  Fortune Coinbase CEO discourages politics ….  Read More