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Well-known analyst Willy Woo: Bitcoin’s overall upward trend is not over yet

The price of Bitcoin dropped sharply this week, with the lowest falling below $30,000. However, popular Bitcoin analyst Willy Woo believes that the overall upward trend of Bitcoin is not over yet. In an interview with podcast Peter McCormack published on the “What Bitcoin DidYouTube” channel on May 21, Woo talked about some points of ….  Read More

Lee Hyun-woo, Co-CEO of Cross-Angle, “We will strive to protect investors by expanding the use of the virtual asset fundamental evaluation report”

Crossangle, which operates the publicly disclosed data-based virtual asset information portal Xangle, said that it will expand the scope of use of the’Jangle Credit Rating’ report, which evaluates virtual asset fundamentals, and improves information transparency to enhance investor protection. It was revealed on the 23rd. As for domestic exchanges, Kobit and Gopax, as for overseas ….  Read More

MVL CEO Gyeong-sik Woo, surpassed 34 billion won in total accumulated investment by attracting 18 billion won..Shinhan Bank SV Investment

MVL LABS (hereinafter MVL), which develops the mobility blockchain platform MVL, announced on the 9th that it has succeeded in attracting 18 billion won worth of Series B investment from several investment companies such as Central and Trive. As a result, MVL’s cumulative investment exceeded 34 billion won. Mvlabs, through a press release, has joined ….  Read More