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Japan’s SoftBank launches Leica-designed smartphone

LEITZ PHONE 1 [Photo: Leica SoftBank] [Digital Today Reporter Choo Hyeon-woo] Leica, a famous German-made high-end camera brand, announced its own designed smartphone ‘LEITZ PHONE 1’ on the 17th (local time). The Lights Phone 1 was designed and designed by Leica and produced by Sharp. It is based on the Aquos R6 released by Sharp. ….  Read More

Linkchain introduces’DOA project’ designed with smartphone mining coins

Linkchain Co., Ltd. (CEO Sang-ok Lee) announced that it has introduced a DOA project that builds a real economy ecosystem. According to the data distributed by Linkchain, the DOA (Decentralization On Asset) project introduced a smart phone mining system and fair distribution concept to establish an eco-friendly mining ecosystem, use excessive electric energy, and prevent ….  Read More