May 27, 2021

The first step to build Central and South America African Central Digital Currency (CBDC) through the combination of LINE and blockchain technology

Line Blockchain Lab Lead Hongkyu Lee Global mobile platform service company Line Plus (CEO Eun-jung Lee, hereinafter Line) is a global blockchain payment platform service company, […]
March 1, 2021

[Blockchain Hot Issue] Virtual Asset Market ‘Swipe’… A look at CBDC’s actions in the Asia-Pacific region

[Digital Today Reporter Hyun-woo Choo] The rise in the virtual asset (cryptocurrency) market, which was likely to rise endlessly, took a break. Bitcoin, which had risen […]
February 9, 2021

“When the Bank of Korea CBDC is introduced, it must be given the same status as a bank note”

Central Bank CBDC-related legal issues and legislation enactment and amendment direction book published Cover seat of the Bank of Korea in Jung-gu, Seoul. [Photo: Reporter Minkyung […]