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2021 Q1 Ethereum on-chain report: DEX transaction volume reached 63 billion US dollars, stablecoin supply increased nearly 7 times year-on-year

2021 Q1 Ethereum on-chain report: DEX transaction volume reached 63 billion US dollars, stable currency supply increased by nearly 7 times year-on-year Recently, ConsenSys released the first quarter DeFi report, which pointed out that the continuous growth of DeFi and the supply of stablecoins on Ethereum increased correspondingly. Considering that stablecoins are the main medium ….  Read More

NFT and DEX, who has made whom?

In April 2021, the entire cryptocurrency market is warming up calmly all the way. A series of events such as Bitcoin’s breakdown of $60,000, DeFi lock-up volume approaching 100 billion U.S. dollars, the surging NFT boom, and the successful landing of Coinbase on Nasdaq have excited practitioners in the cryptocurrency market. As a new wave ….  Read More

Sologenic Launches DEX: One Step Closer to Allow Users to Trade Tokenized Stocks 24/7

Sologenic announced the launch of its DEX allowing users to trade Cryptocurrencies, and the upcoming Sologenic’s Tokenized Assets such as Stocks, ETFs. Tallinn, Estonia, March 31, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire) Sologenic announced the launch of the highly anticipated Sologenic Decentralized Exchange (DEX) on the blazingly fast and secure Blockchain, XRP Ledger, allowing users ….  Read More

Analysis: The transaction volume of various DEX has seen a “blowout” growth

With the outbreak of DeFi (decentralized finance) in mid-2020 and the digital asset bull market in October 2020, the transaction volume of various DEX (decentralized exchanges) has seen a “spurt” increase. As of March 7, 2021, the total lock-up volume of decentralized exchanges on the market has reached 19.48 billion US dollars, of which over ….  Read More

Why is DEX especially important now?

Just a few weeks ago, the incident at the brokerage Robinhood caused panic. Robinhood is actually a representative of the decentralization of the financial market. After many investors joined forces to speculate the shares of Gamestop, Robinhood temporarily suspended trading of some stocks. And this is the problem solved by the DeFi trading platform. Decentralized ….  Read More

The volume of Ethereum DEX transactions in 2021 has exceeded 120 billion U.S. dollars, exceeding the sum of previous years

Despite the high transaction fees, Ethereum’s decentralized exchange (DEX) transaction volume continues to surge-in 2021, the transaction volume processed by DEX exceeds $120 billion. According to data from the Ethereum market analysis platform Dune Analytics, DEX transaction volume hit a new record of $63 billion in January. The transaction volume in February is currently 59 ….  Read More