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Single vault model-DeFi Lego base

In recent months, innovations in the field of automated market makers (AMM) have promoted the growth of decentralized exchanges (DEXs). Uniswap released its V3 version, which introduced centralized liquidity, which increased the capital efficiency by 4000 times compared to its V2 design, while Bancor V2.1 introduced an interesting token economic model to solve the pain ….  Read More

Will the LEGO Group join the NFT boom?

The LEGO Group, a toy manufacturer known for splicing plastic building blocks, hinted that it may be joining the latest craze in encryption, the NFT. On Wednesday, Lego’s official Twitter account posted a message about non-fungible tokens (NFT) (which was soon deleted), along with a short video. This tweet reads “0 and 1, but it ….  Read More

Lego, a world-renowned toy company, boards NFT trains?

After the toy maker’s mysterious tweet was deleted, it caught the attention of NFT collectors. Cointelegraph reported this on the 25th (local time). The LEGO Group, a toy maker best known for its popular interlocking plastic blocks, hinted that it could fall into the NFT (Non-Replaceable Token), which is causing a recent craze in the ….  Read More