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Vitalik: Blockchain trust model

One of the most valuable attributes of most blockchain applications is “trustlessness”, that is, the application can keep running in the expected manner without relying on specific participants to act in a specific form, even if their relevant interests may change in the future And make it make unexpected moves. Blockchain applications have never been ….  Read More

Grayscale Unveils New Bitcoin Investment Trust Ad

It has been revealed that Grayscale, the largest U.S. cryptocurrency investment company, has released a new advertisement for the Bitcoin investment trust GBTC. Coinpost reported this on the 20th. This advertisement is a setting that tells how investors started to be exposed to cryptocurrency investments, among which GBTC is the most secure and can be ….  Read More

What is the origin of Grayscale’s newly registered NII trust?

According to the official website of the State of Delaware, the digital currency asset management company Grayscale Investment has newly registered the Ethereum expansion plan Nahmii token NII Trust (GRAYSCALE NAHMI TRUST (NII) LLC). Come to the August 18 Nahmii project today. Nahmii is an Ethereum Layer 2 expansion protocol launched by Microsoft and the ….  Read More

Trust Bus also participates in NFT…Canvas NFT management function added

TrustBus announced on the 17th that it has built the ledger and transaction history of certificates that have been appraised on the R3 Corda blockchain in cooperation with Analytics, a domestic artificial intelligence legtech startup. TrustBus explained that it provided digital asset payment technology such as bitcoin and TRV token of MarS Wallet, which is ….  Read More