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NetcoinCapital Announces They Will Make Their Token Tradable on Coinsbit Exchange

ISTANBUL, Turkey, June 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — NetcoinCapital announced that their token will be tradable on the Coinsbit Exchange from August 2nd. NetCoinCapital is a TRC20 cryptocurrency token based on the Tron blockchain platform. The company’s vision is to achieve great Technologies. The Netcoin tokens can currently only be purchased from the NetCoinCapital website, ….  Read More

LG U+, Korea Senior Citizens’ Association and ‘Digital Senior Citizen’ Make

Choi Taek-jin, head of LG U+’s corporate division (left) and Kim Ho-il, chairman of the Korean Senior Citizens’ Association, take a commemorative photo after signing a business agreement [Photo: LG U+] [Digital Today Reporter Baek Yeon-sik] LG U+ and the Korea Senior Citizens’ Association will build an ICT-based’Digital Senior Citizen’ to improve the welfare of ….  Read More

Winners and Prisoners: They want to use Bitcoin to make a comeback

For people who have nothing, turbulence means hope. The winter in Helsinki, Finland is cold and long. In the severe winter 12 years ago, on a small server in Helsinki, Satoshi Nakamoto generated the genesis block and the first batch of 50 bitcoins. Since then, Bitcoin, which was born in a remote and remote area, ….  Read More

Grayscale, “double flowers”, and production cuts make Filecoin a hit

Filecoin’s recent good news frequently include three things: Grayscale officially announced the launch of the FIL trust product on March 17, the Filecoin “double flower” farce, and the SAFT public offering expires in June. In this regard, we analyze one by one. 1. Filecoin “Double Flower” farce So what exactly is this Filecoin “double spend” ….  Read More