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Falling when online, it’s hard to fly (FEI)

Recently, the words “escape” and “run” are often seen in the currency circle. Shenyu posted a blog yesterday: “It was the trumpet that woke me up.” Why do people in the currency circle want to escape? Fei Protocol, the algorithmic stable currency project, is the most pointed. Some people have discovered the origin of Fei, ….  Read More

Fei Protocol will be launched soon. You must understand the three risks

FEI is a highly scalable, decentralized and reserve-backed stablecoin. It is designed to meet the needs of DeFi without relying on centralized asset collateral. As for the upcoming Fei Protocol’s founding phase, we hope that the community can decide whether to participate after being fully familiar with the protocol’s working methods and related risks. Direct ….  Read More