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The “crusher” reappeared, Bitcoin “shrank” by nearly half compared to its highest point, and nearly 7.3 billion yuan of funds burst

The “crusher” reappeared, Bitcoin “shrank” by nearly half compared to its highest point, and nearly 7.3 billion yuan of funds burst After days of turbulence, cryptocurrencies led by Bitcoin ushered in a new round of diving. On June 8, data from the global currency price website CoinGecko showed that the cryptocurrency market was booming, and ….  Read More

VeriBlock Funds Initiative to Recycle Bitcoin’s Energy Consumption to Secure Dogecoin, Countering Hostile ‘Blood Bitcoin’ Narrative

After Bitcoin’s recent bull-run, renewed climate concerns have brought the debate over its energy consumption back into the public spotlight, with notable names in the finance industry coining disparaging phrases like “Blood Bitcoin,” despite the significant hidden environmental impact of the traditional finance ecosystem Bitcoin plans to supplant. Recycling Bitcoin’s energy consumption to secure blockchains ….  Read More

Investors, Founders of Global Blockchain Projects, Influencers and Funds Gather for the Private Conference in Dubai

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, May 17, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — On May 27, Dubai will host the Supreme Blockchain Conference dedicated to the most important trends in the cryptocurrency market. Investors, global blockchain projects, representatives of funds, influencers and decentralized platforms, heads of developers teams at the DeFi sector will discuss the hottest topics and issues ….  Read More

US Coinseed is forcibly converting funds from customer accounts to DOGE

Just a few weeks ago, changing funds to DOGE would have been a phone call. Now it’s getting rid of people’s savings. This was reported by Decrypt on the 27th (local time). Customers of the cryptocurrency savings app Coinseed say that the company has converted their deposits to Dogecoin without consent and is not proceeding ….  Read More

Insider Protocol Goes to Binance Launchpad with Hedge Funds Partnerships

NEW YORK, April 21, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Recently, Insider Protocol has announced that they go to Binance Launchpad with Hedge funds partnerships. The Insider Protocol project is developing very rapidly with their unique ecosystem modules. Now, the team has unveiled more core technical details about the cross-chain itself. The project’s entire ecosystem is rigged ….  Read More