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Samsung Electronics, next-generation semiconductor package ‘I-Cube4’ Development…Production period ‘shortened’ Yield improvement

Next-generation semiconductor package technology’I-Cube4′ [Photo: Samsung Electronics] [Digital Today Reporter Jo Beliem Eum] Samsung Electronics announced on the 6th that it has developed a proprietary 2.5D package technology’I-Cube4′ that implements a logic chip and four HBM (High Bandwidth Memory) chips in one package. I-Cube (Interposer-Cube) is an independent 2.5D package solution brand introduced by Samsung ….  Read More

Pigeon Wallet, homepage renovation ‘User experience improvement’

Reorganized Pigeon Wallet Homepage [Digital Today Reporter Hyunwoo Choo] The digital asset wallet service’Pigeon Wallet’ has newly reorganized its homepage on the 13th. It revealed that it has further improved intuitive information delivery and access to various services. This homepage reorganization aims to focus on expanding the user experience for various and beneficial services regardless ….  Read More