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KyberNetwork also integrates with Ethereum Layer 2 polygons… Liquidity mining begins

[Digital Today reporter Hwang Chi-gyu reporter Kyber Network, an Ethereum-based decentralized exchange, recently announced that it has decided to cooperate with Polygon Network, an Ethereum layer 2 solution, to strengthen decentralized financial (DeFi) liquidity. Kyber Network will expand to the Polygon Network on June 30 and launch the first liquidity mining program of the Dynamic ….  Read More

Ethereum “London” upgrade preview

# Ethereum 2021-06-13 14:40 13 16,972 Source: Ethereum enthusiasts In the past few months, Ethereum core developers have been busy with the “London” upgrade, the next upgrade after the Berlin upgrade launched in April. Although the activation time has not been determined, the EIP included in the “London” upgrade has been determined. According to the ….  Read More

Ethereum EIP-1559 London Hard Fork.. How Does Gas Cost and Miner Profitability Change?

Ethereum EIP-1559 London Hard Fork.. How Does Gas Cost and Miner Profitability Change? U.S. payment company Square decides to issue the first $5 million bitcoin fund, and cryptocurrencies and virtual currencies Newswire [Blockchain Foreign Press News Briefing] June 14 Coincode Blockchain Foreign News Briefing ▲ Three large cryptocurrency exchanges are considering entering the Indian market ….  Read More

Ethereum London upgrade overview

In the past few months, the core developers of Ethereum have been working on upgrading the London network. It is an upgrade after the Berlin upgrade (forked on the mainnet in April). Although the upgrade block height of each network has not yet been determined, the EIP included in the London upgrade has been determined. ….  Read More

Vitalik Buterin advises Dogecoin to work with Ethereum to improve scalability

According to Ostrich Blockchain News on the 5th, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin said in Lex Friedman’s podcast that he “likes DOGE” and that “meme tokens including Dogecoin can improve scalability. We have to work with Ethereum for that.” Regarding Dogecoin’s main challenge to improve scalability, Vitalik Buterin said, “If you just add parameters without doing ….  Read More

Ethereum’s annual inflation rate is 10% higher than that of Dogecoin

Although Ethereum’s annual inflation rate has been steadily dropping, it is still higher than the meme-inspired cryptocurrency Dogecoin. Interestingly, both digital currencies recorded significant gains in 2021. This was reported by Pinbold on the 3rd (local time). According to data provided by the cryptocurrency intelligence platform Coinmetrics.io, as of June 2, Ethereum’s annual inflation rate ….  Read More