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Meet SKT Experience Center ‘Tium’, on-tact in Gyeonggi-do

‘T.um YouTube Live Tour’ in progress [Photo: SK Telecom] [Digital Today Reporter Baek Yeon-sik] SK Telecom announced on the 24th that it would provide the Gyeonggi Content Agency for free with the ‘T.um YouTube Live Tour’ through YouTube, where anyone can easily experience the future world and technology 30 years from now. The ‘T.um YouTube ….  Read More

Bitcoin is under strong supervision again, what do speculators and miners think?

After Tesla CEO Elon Musk (Elon Musk) delivered the crit of “unenvironmental protection” remarks, the currency circle ushered in China’s regulatory upgrade. Where will the “dirty currency” go? Over the past week, Bitcoin has fluctuated violently, with an amplitude of around $10,000. As of 18:30 on May 23, Beijing time, the price of a bitcoin ….  Read More

DeFi Development Status Report: What stage do you think DeFi has developed?

In just 8 months, DeFi has attracted more than $100 billion in funds into the contract. These contracts not only contain traditional financial elements, but also express brand-new financial elements. These innovations provide individuals with opportunities to truly own their own assets, participate in global capital coordination, trade through decentralized exchanges, use the lending market, ….  Read More

CNBC’s Jim Kremer “Investing in DOGE? I wouldn’t do that”

Jim Kremer, the host of CNBC’s Mad Money program today, poured cold water on DOGE, the meme cryptocurrency, in the analysis of the market today with The Street. This was reported by YouTube on the 26th (local time). Jim Cremer rejected the idea of ​​putting money into Dogecoin. “I’m sorry, but I’m not going to ….  Read More

7 things you can do on Layer-2 right now

People expect Ethereum to become the primary infrastructure for global open applications. However, because of the unique design of Ethereum, this growing network is expensive and slow to use when demand is high-after all, there is only so much block space available per unit of time. Although, the Ethereum blockchain may rely on “Eth2” to ….  Read More

How do cryptocurrencies pay taxes during the tax season?

The tax season is here, and the new federal tax deadline is May 17. This is a very busy time for the cryptocurrency industry, but one of the questions I hear most now is, how do people deal with cryptocurrency taxes? In the summer of last year, there was a boom in DeFi, and many ….  Read More

Gyu-do Park, CEO of Assemble Protocol, will expand additional affiliate services in addition to Club Pass. Participation in Bithumb’BTC Open’

Blockchain-based global point integration platform ASSEMBLE Protocol (ASSEMBLE Protocol) announced on the 12th that it will participate in the’BTC Open’ of Bithumb, a global digital asset exchange. Bithumb’BTC Open’ is a system in which virtual assets in the Bithumb BTC market compete for listing in the KRW market. Assemble will be listed on the Bithumb ….  Read More

Vitalik: Airdrops have subverted Gitcoin’s ideals, and are considering plans that do not support airdrops

Vitalik: Airdrops have subverted Gitcoin’s ideals, and are considering plans that do not support airdrop traceability Last month, Gitcoin launched the 9th round of donation activities. Its fundraising scale has created the largest amount in history. More than 12,000 donors have donated US$1.38 million to 812 different projects, reflecting the high enthusiasm of crypto users ….  Read More