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How ETH 2.0 will resolve the long-standing centralization debate

The debate on the centralization of ETH has long been used as an argument against the adoption of ETH by well-informed Bitcoin investors such as Preston Pysh and Lyn Alden. This topic is relatively complicated, and opinions are slightly different, but we agree on one point, that is, if blockchain/smart contracts are to be adopted ….  Read More

500,000 ETH withdrawal from Binance Exchange

According to the latest data from Whale Alert, 500,000 ETH has been withdrawn from Binance Exchange, with a total value of $1,708,710,500. Disclaimer: The content of the “Coin Code Spot” section is one source that is provided after translation into Korean or English, and is composed based on a reliable source, but it does not ….  Read More

Why are more and more institutional investors starting to bet on ETH?

Ethereum, as an institutional-level investment, value store, and treasury reserve asset, has won a position alongside Bitcoin. Ethereum, the second largest cryptocurrency by market value, has continuously hit record highs these days. The European Investment Bank has released good news for digital bonds worth US$121 million, which has increased the demand. According to a recent ….  Read More

Variant Fund partner: 10 signs that ETH is about to reach $10,000

This article comes from the Twitter content of Spencer Noon, an investor in Variant Fund, a well-known investment institution. 1. Ethereum makes every blockchain tangible in terms of the fees it pays. The current annualized revenue is close to 7 billion U.S. dollars, which confirms the huge demand for Ethereum block space. 2. The daily ….  Read More

Foreign press, Ethereum (ETH) rise background

Ethereum (ETH) hit an all-time high. The highest of +6.55% compared to the previous day was $2688. Coinpost reported this on the 28th. On the 18th, a massive liquidation of KRW 10 trillion also affected the bitcoin market, which fell sharply, and Ethereum fell along with it, but it recovered stably due to the strong ….  Read More