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How ETH 2.0 will resolve the long-standing centralization debate

The debate on the centralization of ETH has long been used as an argument against the adoption of ETH by well-informed Bitcoin investors such as Preston Pysh and Lyn Alden. This topic is relatively complicated, and opinions are slightly different, but we agree on one point, that is, if blockchain/smart contracts are to be adopted ….  Read More

South Korean crypto exchanges will face more restrictions

South Korean financial regulators plan to ban cross trading, and South Korean crypto exchanges will face more problems. According to a South Korean news agency Newsis reported on Sunday, South Korean financial regulators will prohibit local cryptocurrency exchanges from trading without records. A closed-door meeting was held last week in which as many as 20 ….  Read More

NetcoinCapital Announces They Will Make Their Token Tradable on Coinsbit Exchange

ISTANBUL, Turkey, June 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — NetcoinCapital announced that their token will be tradable on the Coinsbit Exchange from August 2nd. NetCoinCapital is a TRC20 cryptocurrency token based on the Tron blockchain platform. The company’s vision is to achieve great Technologies. The Netcoin tokens can currently only be purchased from the NetCoinCapital website, ….  Read More

CEO of precious metals copyright company Metalla: “Cryptocurrency will trigger the next financial crisis”

CEO of precious metals copyright company Metalla: “Cryptocurrency will trigger the next financial crisis” Brett Heath, chief executive of precious metals copyright and streaming company Metalla Royalty&Streaming, warned that cryptocurrencies will “trigger the next financial crisis.” Metalla Royalty&Streaming is a company headquartered in Canada, founded in 1983, and currently has a net worth of nearly ….  Read More

Ethereum VS Bitcoin, will the inevitable reversal come?

The general definition of “great reversal” is the point in time when the market value of ETH exceeds the market value of BTC. Some people think that this reversal will not happen. Some people think it is possible. Others think this is inevitable. The “Great Reversal” can be said to be one of the most ….  Read More

Ethereum London upgrade will postpone the difficulty bomb to December

Ethereum developers agreed on Friday to postpone a “difficulty bomb”. If not dealt with, the difficulty bomb will start to slow down the Ethereum network this summer. The Ethereum “Difficulty Bomb” is a piece of code embedded by Ethereum developers in 2015 to artificially slow down the speed of Ethereum issuance by gradually increasing the ….  Read More