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Traditional performances are reborn with 5G digital video

SK Telecom’s media service innovation team leader Kim Chang-hyun (pictured right), Kang Seong-gu National Theater Performance Exhibition Manager (center) and Lee Hee-ju, Content Wave’s External Cooperation Office Manager (pictured left) pledged active cooperation to revitalize traditional performances [Picture: SK Telecom] [Digital Today Reporter Baek Yeon-sik] SK Telecom announced on the 10th that it has signed ….  Read More

Four major virtual asset exchange performances clearly improved…Upbit and Bithumb vs Coinone and Kobit gap↑

Amid the bull market that has continued since last year, earnings have improved significantly Small and medium-sized virtual asset exchanges are vital to securing real-name accounts [Photo: Shutterstock] [Digital Today Reporter Jung Yoo-rim] The performance of virtual asset (cryptocurrency) exchanges has improved significantly thanks to the increase in transaction volume, which has continued from last ….  Read More