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WISeKey Launches WISe.ART NFT Platform – an Ecosystem for Trading Luxury Goods, Artwork and Other High-Value Collectibles

WISeKey Launches WISe.ART NFT Platform – an Ecosystem for Trading Luxury Goods, Artwork and Other High–Value Collectibles After successfully testing market viability with several successful NFT auctions, WISeKey today launched its own platform for trading high–value NFTs from the collectible and luxury space incorporating provenance, proof of ownership, and follow-on monetization control into the NFTs Geneva – June 23, 2021 – ….  Read More

SPC Dunkin Unveiled’Roll Table’ Camping Goods

SPC Dunkin and Zerogram join hands with’Roll Table’ camping goods [Photo: BR Korea] [Digital Today Reporter Cho Belieum] On the 21st, Dunkin, operated by BR Korea, a subsidiary of SPC Group, announced on the 21st that it will present a roll table as limited goods in cooperation with Zerogram and will conduct a promotion. As ….  Read More

Cryptocurrency fluctuates wildly. Who will rectify the “Musks” who carry goods?

Recently, Bitcoin, the “rich and handsome” in the currency circle, has collapsed, but other altcoins have gained momentum. What triggered this fluctuation was the uncertain noise of the big dealers, and the consequence was that the Xiaosan encountered a barbaric harvest. The absurd “call order” game On May 16, Dogecoin moved higher in the short-term ….  Read More

The truth about the price increase of hard disks: the agent presses the goods, the seller increases the price by the hour, hoarding the goods and earns 3 million a day

After graphics cards, cryptocurrencies have “scoured” the price of hard drives. Recently, a cryptocurrency called Chia (Chia) has spread all over the “mine circle.” According to official information, Chia was incorporated in August 2017, aiming to develop a platform that can optimize blockchain and smart transactions. Chia Network is currently being established to improve the ….  Read More