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EIP-1559 is tentatively scheduled to be deployed to the Ethereum mainnet on July 14

This week’s Technology Weekly contains technical news on the three networks of Ethereum, Polkadot and Cosmos. Ethereum network Prysmatic Labs: Prysm v1.3.8-hotfix-6c0942 version has been released On April 25th, Prysmatic Labs, the execution team of the Ethereum 2.0 client, said on Twitter that Prysm should be updated to version v1.3.8-hotfix-6c0942. This version contains two key ….  Read More

Will Ethereum be forked due to EIP1559?

Recently, there has been an issue on the Ethereum that the miners have a lot of disputes about a proposal called EIP1559 (EIP is the meaning of the proposal). The supporters and opponents also set up two .org websites to express their positions. There is also an episode here. The supporter bought the domain name ….  Read More

Miners do not accept EIP-1559, will it cause Ethereum to fork?

# Blockchain 2021-02-27 08:26 0 13,148 Source: Wu said the blockchain On February 26, Xinghuo Mining Pool publicly opposed the Ethereum EIP-1559 upgrade (it is predicted to activate in July, and the income of miners will be reduced by about 30%), while Yuchi publicly expressed its support. The two policies are facing each other, causing ….  Read More

EIP-1559 has been added to the Ethereum London upgrade plan

Today, Ethereum developer and EIP-1559 contributor TimBeiko submitted a proposal that advocates adding EIP-1559 to the Ethereum London upgrade, and is tentatively scheduled to be implemented in July or August 2021. TimBeiko believes that there is nothing wrong with the EIP proposal and it is ready to pass the normal network upgrade test process. The ….  Read More