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Is Bitcoin a “bomb” hidden inside Tesla?

The beginning of the matter seemed like a reckless bet, and as the trend of cryptocurrencies became crazy, the situation seemed more and more outrageous. Earlier this year, Elon Musk used Tesla’s $1.5 billion in cash to buy Bitcoin, which aroused the attention of all walks of life. With the soaring price of the cryptocurrency ….  Read More

The Ethereum difficulty bomb that may change 519 “tomorrow”

If this year’s Bitcoin bull market and shib boom have allowed a large number of outsiders to know and enter the market, then the “519 incident” on the eve of 520 will teach everyone a lesson and let everyone have a more comprehensive understanding of the market. It turns out that in addition to skyrocketing, ….  Read More

Ethereum London upgrade will postpone the difficulty bomb to December

Ethereum developers agreed on Friday to postpone a “difficulty bomb”. If not dealt with, the difficulty bomb will start to slow down the Ethereum network this summer. The Ethereum “Difficulty Bomb” is a piece of code embedded by Ethereum developers in 2015 to artificially slow down the speed of Ethereum issuance by gradually increasing the ….  Read More