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Wall Street Times: Musk vs. US Regulators

The Wall Street Journal stated that Musk, who has been highly regarded by investors for his unconventional behavior in recent years, has been in constant conflict with many US government agencies, but in a series of conflicts with these agencies, Musk has always been the winner. The author of the article pointed out that many ….  Read More

Upbit reveals types that should not be deceived “It will be listed soon, so if you invest now, we will return O times after listing.”

Dunamu, who operates Upbit, disclosed the types of digital asset listing fraud based on cases received through the’Upbit listing fraud reporting channel’ and called for attention once again. Based on the 61 listing fraud reports received through the channel, 9 types of suspicion were also disclosed. [9 types of suspicious listing fraud] 1. “O-Month, Upbit ….  Read More

Vitalik Buterin ‘Expand 100 times Ethereum’ Optimism unfolds

Vitilic Buterin /Photo = TechCrunch [Digital Today Reporter Hyun-woo Choo] Ethereum is holding a new hard fork in April. In addition, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin expressed affirmation about the growth of the Ethereum market. According to foreign media such as the Bitcoin Exchange Guide on the 10th (hereafter local time), Ethereum is planning to conduct ….  Read More