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Lambda256 Launches Luniverse NFT Platform – Press Release

Lambda256 Launches Luniverse NFT Platform – Press Release ‘Lambda 256’, a blockchain specialist, announced that it will provide a Luniverse NFT platform. ‘Lambda 256’ (CEO Park Jae-hyun), the Luniverse NFT platform provides one-stop NFT service from NFT issuance to sales based on a strong ecosystem through technology linkage with various marketplaces and partner wallets do. ….  Read More

Sheesha Finance Partners with TeraBlock to Bring Machine Learning-Driven Trade Automation to Cryptocurrency Portfolios

The partnership aims to create a simplified crypto on-ramp and asset trade automation solution for new investors and traders UAE, April 19, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — (via Blockchain Wire) – Sheesha Finance (https://sheesha.finance), the first comprehensive DeFi solution for investors to easily access a variety of projects while solving issues surrounding locked crypto assets, today announced ….  Read More

How many people will be exposed to Bitcoin by 2025?

Abstract: Willy Woo stated on the Unchained podcast that because of Bitcoin, we are all witnessing the birth of a new monetary system. As Bitcoin has recently soared to new heights, many people have their own opinions on how high the world’s largest cryptocurrency might go. Bitcoin is not just a digital currency. In fact, ….  Read More

Commercial banks diversify the use of AI (artificial intelligence) from chatbots to AI bankers

Shinhan Bank (Chief Jin Ok-dong) announced on the 16th that it has advanced the knowledge quality management function of’Orora’, an artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot service. This advancement has been promoted since September last year to ▲ build a knowledge quality management system, ▲ personalization services based on data analysis, and ▲ link various channels. Shinhan ….  Read More

Fintech Startup FLFI, Acquired “Technology Evaluation Excellent Company Certification” for Nice Evaluation

FinTech (financial + technology) startup FLFI, which researches and develops artificial intelligence technology specialized in the financial field and blockchain-based decentralized finance (DeFi, DeFi), is credited with the technology credit of NICE evaluation information. In the evaluation, it revealed that it has obtained the’Technology Evaluation Excellent Company Certification’. This time, the name of the technology ….  Read More

AXA Switzerland to support Bitcoin insurance premium payment

AXA [Photo: Shutterstock] [Digital Today Reporter Hyunwoo Choo] It is news that AXA, a large European insurance company, will provide a system for paying insurance premiums with virtual assets in Switzerland. On the 15th (hereinafter referred to as local time), Decrypt, a virtual asset medium, reported that Aksa Switzerland will start supporting Bitcoin payments on ….  Read More

Application: How does blockchain protect copyright?

In 2018, the Hangzhou Internet Court confirmed the validity of blockchain evidence for the first time, symbolizing that blockchain technology has officially entered the field of copyright confirmation and copyright litigation. At present, blockchain deposit evidence has become a new model for copyright registration and confirmation, which has improved the high cost and inaccurate confirmation ….  Read More