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LG OLED Evo, #1 Best Buy TV by Japanese media

LG OLED evo image [Photo: LG Electronics] [Digital Today Reporter Choi Ji-yeon] LG Electronics announced on the 23rd that the next generation OLED TV released this year, LG OLED evo, has been recognized for its overwhelming picture quality by the best Japanese experts. HiVi, a Japanese AV (Audio/Video) professional media, recently selected Best Buy Summer ….  Read More

Transparent OLED signage installation in Singapore

LG Electronics Transparent All-Red Signage [Photo: LG Electronics] [Digital Today Reporter Jo Beliem] LG Electronics has started targeting global consumers by supplying large-scale transparent OLED signage to a large shopping mall in Singapore. LG Electronics announced on the 28th that it has recently supplied a 55-inch (screen diagonal length of about 138 cm) transparent all-red ….  Read More