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Dutch finance minister opposes full ban on cryptocurrencies

The Dutch finance minister, Wabke Hoextra, recently said that cryptocurrency regulation in the country should not be a total ban, but should be called for regulatory oversight. Peter Hasekamp, ​​director of the Bureau of Economic Policy Analysis (CPB) under the Dutch government, expressed his view in response to a remark calling for a complete ban. ….  Read More

Deputy Prime Minister Liu Hee of China strengthens supervision over financial activities of platform companies and cracks down on bitcoin mining and transactions

According to Chain News on the 21st, China’s Deputy Prime Minister Liu Hee presided over the 51st meeting of the Financial Stability Development Committee under the State Council to firmly demand strengthening supervision of the financial activities of platform companies and crackdown on bitcoin mining and transactions. It is said to prevent spreading. Original text: ….  Read More

Turkey’s Finance Minister Announces Future Cryptocurrency Regulation Policy

In Turkey, in a cryptocurrency chaos, Finance Minister Lütfi Elvan appeared on the CNN Türk program, explaining the policy for future regulations. Coinpost reported this on the 8th. In Turkey, confusion continued, as the government banned the use of cryptocurrency payments for goods and services, and two local exchanges suddenly closed down while taking over ….  Read More