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Bitcoin’s first large-scale upgrade in 4 years… Smart contract potential is growing

[Photo: Shutterstock] [Digital Today Correspondent Hwang Chi-gyu] Bitcoin, the world’s largest cryptocurrency, will be upgraded on a large scale after 4 years. This major upgrade, so-called Taproot, has been approved by the mining community that provides computing resources to the Bitcoin network and is expected to be applied in November. Taproot is expected to contribute ….  Read More

Donue expands electronic contract service to public institutions

Donue expands electronic contract service to public institutions Following private companies, the wind of electronic contracts is also blowing in public institutions. In line with the paperless transition attempt in line with the post-corona era, the public as well as the private sector are trying to transform the existing document form into a digitization method. ….  Read More

SBI Investment signs a contract to sell Bithumb Korea worth KRW 1 billion with Hong Kong-based PE through unlisted block deal service on the Seoul Exchange

PSX (CEO Kim Se-young), which operates unlisted stock trading platform Seoul Exchange (CEO Kim Se-young), recently introduced ‘Seoul Exchange Unlisted Block Deal’ service to trade unlisted stocks of domestic VCs and Hong Kong-based PEs for a total of 1 billion won. announced on the 4th that it had succeeded. According to the data distributed by ….  Read More

Uppsala Security signs a contract to establish AML with the Coin Encoin Exchange

Uppsala Security, a global blockchain security company, officially announced on the 5th that it has signed a contract to build a’virtual box-mounted AML’ solution that complies with the amendment to the Special Act on Coin&Coin Exchange. Uppsala Security holds 57 million of the latest security threat information collected on the basis of collective intelligence in ….  Read More

Anex Korea signed an INSSET listing contract with Wowfax Exchange

Anex Korea signed an INSSET listing contract with Wowfax Exchange Left) Woo-Gol Jung, CEO of Wowfax Exchange Oh) Eun-yeon Hwang, CEO of Anex Korea Anex Korea announced on the 9th that it has signed a listing contract for its medical information integration service token’Inset (IST)’ with the’wowPAX’ exchange. The listing date is 16:00 on February ….  Read More