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NetcoinCapital Announces They Will Make Their Token Tradable on Coinsbit Exchange

ISTANBUL, Turkey, June 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — NetcoinCapital announced that their token will be tradable on the Coinsbit Exchange from August 2nd. NetCoinCapital is a TRC20 cryptocurrency token based on the Tron blockchain platform. The company’s vision is to achieve great Technologies. The Netcoin tokens can currently only be purchased from the NetCoinCapital website, ….  Read More

Dogecoin developers say they have been working with Elon Musk since 2019

Elon Musk has been advising Dogecoin developers since 2019. A team of four core developers welcomed his advice, but declined the funds he provided. This was reported by Decrypt on the 15th (local time). Dogecoin developer Ross Nicole said in a phone call with Decrypt on the 14th (local time), after Musk started talking with ….  Read More

They all say “Ethereum will surpass Bitcoin in market value” but there are three uncertainties

# Ethereum 2021-05-11 11:29 1 15,940 Source: Wu said the blockchain The topic of Ethereum’s market value surpassing Bitcoin is rekindled. However, there are still three problems: uncertain technology prospects, unfavorable institutions, and more competitors. According to coinmarketcap, the current total market value of Bitcoin is 1091 billion U.S. dollars, while the total market value ….  Read More

Winners and Prisoners: They want to use Bitcoin to make a comeback

For people who have nothing, turbulence means hope. The winter in Helsinki, Finland is cold and long. In the severe winter 12 years ago, on a small server in Helsinki, Satoshi Nakamoto generated the genesis block and the first batch of 50 bitcoins. Since then, Bitcoin, which was born in a remote and remote area, ….  Read More

Breaking through the $52,000 mark for the first time, these listed companies officially declare that they hold Bitcoin

In the past few months, there have been reports that major institutional investors have poured into Bitcoin (BTC), which has exacerbated the biggest cryptocurrency bull market since 2017. Some large companies have collectively purchased hundreds of millions of dollars in Bitcoin, and Tesla’s investment of 1.5 billion dollars in Bitcoin has pushed the price of ….  Read More