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“MS Windows 10X, released this year, couldn’t be released…”

Windows 10X. [Photo: Shutterstock] [Digital Today Reporter Hwang Chi-gyu] The Windows 10X operating system (OS), which Microsoft was initially trying to introduce for multi-screen-based devices, suffered such and such twists and turns that it was reported that the planned release this year would be difficult. There are also observations that Microsoft will not release Windows ….  Read More

Cash App Q1 Report Shows Bitcoin Sales Profits More Than 10x Year-On-Year

According to Chain News, settlement company Square (Twitter’s CEO Jack Doshiga) reported in a report filed with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for the first quarter of 2021 that total net income for the first quarter was $5.06 billion, up 266% year-on-year. Net income was $39 million. In addition, CashApp’s first-quarter bitcoin revenue (the ….  Read More

MasterCard survey: 40% of people plan to use cryptocurrency to pay next year

According to a survey by credit card giant MasterCard, 40% of people plan to pay with cryptocurrency next year. The survey was released on May 4, entitled “Consumer Appetite for Digital Payments Takes Off”, with more than 15,500 respondents from 18 countries. The survey shows that millennials are particularly keen on cryptocurrency, and more than ….  Read More

Digital Dollar Foundation Accenture conducts CBDC experiment in the US this year

Christopher Giancarlo Chairman of the Digital Dollar Foundation [Photo: sifma | flickr] [Digital Today Reporter Hyun-woo Choo] Accenture, a global management consulting firm, and the Digital Dollar Foundation plan to conduct a digital currency (CBDC) experiment issued by a central bank in the United States within the year in cooperation. According to Cointelegraph on the ….  Read More

2021 Q1 Ethereum on-chain report: DEX transaction volume reached 63 billion US dollars, stablecoin supply increased nearly 7 times year-on-year

2021 Q1 Ethereum on-chain report: DEX transaction volume reached 63 billion US dollars, stable currency supply increased by nearly 7 times year-on-year Recently, ConsenSys released the first quarter DeFi report, which pointed out that the continuous growth of DeFi and the supply of stablecoins on Ethereum increased correspondingly. Considering that stablecoins are the main medium ….  Read More

LINE (Link LN) Blockchain Announces 21 Year Project Plan

LINE Blockchain announced its 2021 project plan on April 30 under the title of’LINE Blockchain 2021 Plans’. Several plans were revealed, including the new listing of LINK (LN). In addition, all plans have not been implemented and may be reviewed in the future depending on changes in the market or laws, so we are urged ….  Read More

The FTC designates 71 business groups to be disclosed this year…

[Digital Today Reporter Jung Yoo-rim] The Fair Trade Commission announced on the 29th that it plans to designate 71 business groups (2612 affiliated companies) with a total assets of 5 trillion won or more as the subject of disclosure. When designated as a corporate group subject to disclosure, it is required to disclose large-scale internal ….  Read More

Facebook ‘DM’, small pilot distribution forecast within this year

[Photo: Shutterstock] [Digital Today Reporter Choo Hyun-woo] Economic media CNBC reported on the 20th (local time) that the stablecoin project’Diem’, which Facebook is leading the development of, will conduct a pilot distribution within this year. The DM trial distribution is expected to be implemented on a small scale in the second half of the year. ….  Read More