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[New Publication] Published Bitcoin Investment Prospect [Bitcoin Golden Time-100 Points Inside Blockchain Valley]

[New Publication] Published Bitcoin Investment Prospects [Bitcoin Golden Time-100 Points Inside Blockchain Valley] Blockchain Specialist Media Blockchain Valley jointly published the Bitcoin investment prospect [Bitcoin Golden Time-Blockchain Valley Inside 100 Points] in collaboration with Das Academy. Why the hell is the price of bitcoin rising like this and why is it not caught? Why is ….  Read More

Catch a virtual event platform…Cisco acquires Socio Labs this time

View of Cisco’s US headquarters. [Photo: Cisco Korea] [Digital Today Reporter Chigyu Hwang] Cisco announced on the 13th (local time) that it has decided to acquire Socio Labs, an event technology platform company. Following the acquisition of Slido, which provides audience engagement tools such as voting, Q&A, and gamification, in December last year, Cisco has ….  Read More

“Time” Weekly NFT cover and the story behind Beeple’s future business

The artist Mike Winkelmann (also known as Beeple) is a graphic designer from Charleston, South Carolina, USA. He depicts the rapid development of the digital world by focusing on the images of the artistic creation process. Readers are brought into the world of “canvas”. The cover image of the latest issue of “Time” is a ….  Read More

How should we evaluate the value of bitcoin, which is booming from time to time?

GoPax shares several usage indicators in recent report [Photo: Shutterstock] [Digital Today Reporter Chi-gyu Hwang] Evaluating the value of a highly volatile virtual asset (cryptocurrency) is not an easy task for those playing in the cryptocurrency market. There are many cases where the price did not flow as expected. That doesn’t mean that you can’t ….  Read More