Richard X Launched the short nemesis of global digital currency-Angrycoin and Accepted an Interview

Richard X said that Angrycoin is a short emotional coin.

New York, NY, May 31, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — In May 2021, Richard X, a famous hedge fund founder on Wall Street, a businessman with a keen sense of smell from the Middle East, a world-renowned psychologist, mathematician and Silicon Valley technology newcomer, as well as oil fund investors in the Middle East, developed and launched a new digital currency short nemesis-Angrycoin.

Richard X said that Angrycoin is a short emotional coin, when the cryptocurrency market falls, investors lose their bullish mood and choose a reverse function coin, that is, when more than 10, 000 coins, such as bitcoin and ethercoin, fall, investors’ willingness to buy Angrycoin increases. Angrycoin, like the other side of the coin, represents the sentiment of many bearish investors.

Richard X told us Angrycoin is not insurance in a strict sense, but a hedging function equivalent to digital currency.

Based on the framework of monetary finance, investment psychology and computer distributed algorithm, the founding team of Angrycoin carefully selected multiple advanced public chains to enact decentralization contracts, creating the barometer of short position market of global digital currency. Angrycoin providing investors with a value reference in a virtual currency world with no value but price.

According to the reports that the team is willing to create an Angry universe of a digital currency with a population of 7.5 billion in a way that subverts tradition, ironically satirizes reality, fair democracy and digital justice.

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