Clever DeFi (CLVA) Delivers 307% Interest in the First Year

Clever DeFi

Clever DeFi (CLVA) Delivers 307% Interest in the First Year

Clever DeFi (CLVA) Delivers 307% Interest in the First Year

BRISBANE, Australia, March 28, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Clever DeFi (CLVA) is a cryptocurrency token that provides an unimaginable percentage of compound interest with the first and second year delivering 307% and 445% respectively.

More so, in the third and fourth year, the interest percentage increases to 501% and 562%, respectively. Finally, in the fifth year, it spikes to 600%. Moreover, it promises to provide users a whopping 806% in the tenth year.

Automatic Interest Payment for all CLVA Holders

Clever is a Decentralized Finance (DeFi) protocol that distributes automatic interest payments to all CLVA token holders on a pre-programmed routine cycle. However, it is scheduled over 888 fortnightly cycles taking precisely 34.15 years to complete.

Moreover, the interest mechanism is ingrained into its smart contract. Nevertheless, distributed in 14 days over regular intervals. During each cycle, automatic interest will be shared to all Ethereum wallet addresses containing CLVA tokens.

In addition, CLVA token holders are not required to stake their tokens or enter into any contracts to receive fortnightly interest payments. Even more, users can also withdraw CLVA tokens at any time without penalties or lock-in charges.

Clever DeFi Minting Phase

Clever DeFi recently launched a 30-day long minting phase. Moreover, the minting phase started from February 01, 2021, and lasted till March 03, 2021. During the minting phase, initial investors hopped on board to mint CLVA tokens. These investors were the early adopters.

During the minting phase the price range went from 0.0020 ETH on day 1 to 0.0024 ETH on day 30. Even more, choosing to min CLVA tokens of over $400,000 on the very first day was incredibly impressive.

After minting finalized there was 726,50 ETH used to mint 339,927 CLVA tokens. Now the minting phase is over forever. The total value crossed over $1.4 million by retail investors. All in all, the project was hugely successful within the first month of the only-ever minting phase.

CLVA Listing


CLVA listed on Uniswap on March 17, 2021. Trading activity started via UniSwap through the CLVA/ETH pair. Now, CLVA tokens are open to retail investors who can purchase the tokens and store them in ERC-20 supported wallets like MetaMask.

Automated Market Makers like Uniswap along with DeFi platforms will provide a powerful opportunity to help overcome liquidity challenges. They don’t require listing fees, however, their trading volumes can be as high as top exchanges.


CLVA listed on P2PB2B on March 24, 2021. P2PB2B exchange is a cryptocurrency exchange firm and also a trusted partner for crypto projects. Also, it is a Crypto Startup Partner initiative that gives trading consulting and helps the clients develop their community, support liquidity, create growth strategies.

All in all, P2PB2B runs token sales of the promising cryptocurrency, enabling users to easily invest in new currencies. In addition, P2PB2B utilizes the high processing speed with the ability to handle up to 10,000 trades per second, scaling to 1,000,000 TCP connections.

Clever team expects that listing on these exchanges will bring the project to an overflowing pool of investors, which will drive the price of CLVA tokens up. Furthermore, the Uniswap effect has made many DeFi tokens surging in price. Even more, CLVA could benefit hugely from the P2PB2B listing.

Current Price of Clever DeFi (CLVA)

Clever DeFi has shown rapid performance since its launch in the latter half of 2020. Moreover, Clever DeFi provides users a guaranteed interest for holding its native token CLVA. According to CoinMarketCap, the CLVA price is $8.24 with a 24-hour trading volume of $249,263, at the time of writing.

Moreover, the Clever DeFi team also expanded its ecosystem through the Clever DeFi Bounty campaign that recently ended on March 2, 2021. Even more, there are also plans to embark on partnerships with industry stakeholders and projects.

CLVA is suited for investors who are eager to store their wealth in a secure place where they can benefit from a high yielding interest rate. Instead of simply storing cash in a typical savings account at the bank, CLVA offers a better way.

Notably, the CLVA investors are stress-free and worry-free, so don’t waste this opportunity to be a CLVA token holder. Furthermore, there are plans for CLVA to be listed on other exchanges, including CoinsBit, Hotbit, and others.

Is Clever DeFi (CLVA) Safe?

Clever DeFi (CLVA) is derived from its Decentralized Distribution Mechanism (DDM) which is embedded within the smart contract. Moreover, CLVA is deployed on the Ethereum (ETH) network as an ERC20 Smart Contract.

More so, written in the DDM structure purely defined and hardcoded into the smart contract itself that cannot be changed after it has been deployed. Because the DDM has a certain rule set already coded in that cannot be re-written or altered. Moreover, it gives the assurance that no future changes can be performed.

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