Calvin Hamilton: How A Young Entrepreneur Used Transparency to Build a Successful Marketing Agency

New York, NY, April 09, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Engineer Influence was founded by Calvin Hamilton for good reason; to eliminate the obscurity and misinformation surrounding the marketing industry and to give companies a transparent and effective alternative for a marketing agency. “At our firm, we specialize in helping B2B technology and service companies expand their brands in contemporary ways.”

Hamilton knew that people were constantly frustrated with and exhausted by marketing agencies, and he explains that this lack of transparency and straightforwardness was, “One of the biggest motivating factors that led me to start Engineer Influence.”

This lack of transparency has led many to sign bad business deals, overpay their agencies, and enter unclear contracts. Hamilton knows from experience that poor encounters with marketing agencies can result in fear surrounding the industry. His hopes for Engineering Influence are to eliminate that fear the best way Hamilton knows how; with understanding. “As cliche as it may seem, we only fear what we don’t understand. The exact same principles apply in business, marketing, and all other facets of life. If you get anxious, worried, or fearful when you’re put in a certain situation, you need to spend more time trying to understand it.” It seems that others are catching on to just how different Engineer Influence is from its competition, boasting clients such as executives and consultants like Richard Moore and Hubert Rhomberg, as well as businesses like CREE Buildings, SSB Solutions, and Optimal Financial Systems.

Hamilton plans to continue to spread awareness and understanding through his industry, but that’s not his only priority. He is currently working on a new media venture called “The Commute.” Inspired by The Ascent, Visualize Value, and the ever-changing media landscape, The Commute takes “insightful written-word content from all over the internet and turns it into bite-sized videos and audio clips that can be consumed on the go.” He is also creating a cryptocurrency portfolio tracking app. Hamilton explains that the app will “allow users to look at their positions in different cryptocurrencies efficiently, in a modern intuitive display, and for free.”

If you’d like to learn more about Hamilton’s journey, seen in his own words, check him out here and if you’d like to see how Engineering Influence can support your company then click here.

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