Young-hoon Jeon, CEO of Next Ivy, signed an MOU with the Korea Blood Cancer Association… ‘Auction.’ Donation certificate issued by NFT

Next Ivy (CEO: Young-Hoon Jeon, hereinafter Auction-ya), a proptech company that provides a blockchain-based online real estate auction platform,’Auction Night’, was launched by the Korea Blood Cancer Association (KBDCA, Chairman: Taepyeong Jang) on ​​the 6th Signed an MOU on donation auctions.

Auctionya uses its own auction platform to conduct donation auctions for not only real estate but also various items in the long term. This auction donation auction provides donors with a digital donation certificate in the form of a non-replaceable token (NFT) in the form of a card. Donors can hold an NFT card containing their donation details in a virtual asset wallet called Clip (CLIP) in KakaoTalk. Auction Night plans to continue a donation auction using NFT.

Auction Ya is an online auction platform that eliminates the possibility of manipulation or forgery of bidding data by introducing blockchain technology to the current offline-centered auction method. Bidding data is encrypted and decrypted as soon as it is created, and the information is recorded in the blockchain data to block forgery and alteration of the data, so it is highly reliable. Based on this, Auction-Ya conducts online auctions for land and apartments.

KBDCA, which started in December 1995 as a self-help group for patients with blood diseases, is currently running programs for patients with blood diseases such as leukemia, as well as for general cancer patients such as lung cancer, breast cancer, and prostate cancer.

Auctioneer and KBDCA presented a new form of donation using this digital donation auction. Until now, even if donors made donations, there was no suitable means of commemorating this. However, if the auction item is auctioned for donation at Auction Night, a donation will be made to KBDCA patients with blood diseases and cancer in the name of the successful bidder, and the donation certificate will be issued as an immutable NFT digital donation certificate. Most of all, donation certificates can be collected in the KakaoTalk Clip Wallet, so there is no worry about loss or damage of the donation certificate, and it is convenient to keep various donation certificates in one place for those who are usually active in donation activities.

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Jeon Young-hoon, CEO of NextIB, said, “The high reliability of the auction platform using blockchain technology is meaningful as it meets’donation’ and issues a new digital donation certificate. Auctioneer will continue to conduct various donation auctions and need help in the future. We will try to provide direct help to the place we do, and to give our donors a greater sense of satisfaction,” he said.

Mi-jeong Chu, head of KBDCA’s management support division, said, “Supporting digital donations through auction nights was the first attempt among the many sponsorships of this association.” In addition, if the donation certificate is recorded on the blockchain and contained in the smartphone, I expect that it will be more proud as a donor.”


Author/ Translator: Jamie Kim
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