Woori Finance-The Fruit of Love, India (India), $100,000 for Corona 19

The Fruit of Love Social Welfare Community Chest (Chairman Ye Jong-suk), together with Woori Financial Group (Chairman Son Tae-seung, hereinafter referred to as Woori Finance), will provide 100,000 dollars to India suffering from the corona 19 outbreak. Revealed.

Corona 19 is spreading explosively, reaching an average of about 300,000 new corona 19 confirmed cases per day in India, but it is suffering from a lack of medical equipment and hospitalization facilities in local hospitals in India. In addition, as the city blockade of the Indian government continues, the number of households that are difficult to maintain a living due to continuous unemployment of daily workers and overseas migrant workers is increasing rapidly.

Woori Finance and Fruits of Love provide 100,000 dollars to restore India’s medical system in the face of such a national crisis and to quickly support families in crisis. $100,000 in support will be delivered to United Way India, a global network partner of Fruit of Love, to support the local community through the purchase of medical equipment such as ventilators, restoration of the medical system including the construction of temporary hospitals, and provision of daily necessities and food products for crisis families Used for

Woori Finance Chairman Son Tae-seung said, “We decided to provide this emergency support to fulfill our responsibilities as a global financial group, considering the great spread of Corona 19 in India as a crisis for humanity, not just a national crisis. He said, “We will practice love for humanity and strengthen global ESG management by quickly cooperating with social issues.”

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Meanwhile, Woori Finance has three branches of Woori Bank in India, including the Indian regional headquarters, and plans to actively support activities to prevent the spread of Corona 19 by using local networks in the future.

Woori Bank launches paper saving campaign and event for customers

Woori Bank, a subsidiary of Woori Financial Group (Chief Kwon Kwang-seok), announced that it will carry out paper saving campaigns and events by June 30 to protect the environment and implement ESG management.

This event is for customers who issue mobile bankbooks or convert existing paper bankbooks to WON bankbooks, the representative mobile bankbook of Woori Bank.

An official from Woori Bank said, “We are holding this campaign and event to inform that we can participate in environmental protection through an easy way to use a mobile bankbook.” “Participate in this campaign to practice environmental protection in daily life by reducing paper bankbooks. I hope to do it.”


Author/ Translator: Jamie Kim
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