Weiss Rating “Ethereum will be the next-generation attention point for large institutions and companies”

Ethereum is doing well this year with a high rate of increase.

Weiss Crypto Ratings, a global analyst firm, Weiss Ratings, expects large institutional investors and companies to switch from Bitcoin to Ethereum and enter into adoption sooner or later.

[Weiss Rating believes in the bright future of ETH]

On February 8th, CME Group launched Ethereum futures for financial institutions, which has been another trigger for ETH price rise since the ETH 2.0 zero phase launched in December.

Weiss Crypto reminded CME that since the launch of ETH futures, outstanding pledges and daily trading volumes have steadily increased.

Weiss Crypto expects that sooner or later, financial institutions and corporations are likely to increase their interest in ETH and begin a new phase of Ethereum adoption.

Weiss Crypto is also using it as another argument to support betting on institutions going deeper into ETH, citing JPMorgan analysts who expect Ethereum to continue to outperform Bitcoin.

“JP Morgan is surpassing Bitcoin and expects this trend to continue. We certainly agree with JPMorgan on this. It goes further and demonstrates our belief that ETH will be the next target for institutions and businesses.”

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