Van Eck to List Cryptocurrency ETP on Euronext Stock Exchanges in Amsterdam and Paris

According to CoinDesk on the 28th (local time), VanEck is planning to list cryptocurrency ETP (listed indices) on Euronext stock exchanges in Amsterdam and Paris.

Bitcoin ETN (VanEck Vectors Bitcoin Exchange Traded Notes) and Ethereum ETN (VanEck Vectors Ethereum Exchange Traded Notes) will be listed at a total cost ratio of 1% on June 1st. Provides price exposure. In fact, an investor can indirectly invest in an asset without owning it.

Van Eck relies on Liechtenstein-supervised Bank Frick custodians, and cryptocurrencies held by ETN are kept in cold storage to ensure security.

Currently, Van Eck’s cryptocurrency ETN is traded on the Deutsche Börse Xetra market in Germany.

(New York-based investment management firm VanEck is listing cryptocurrency exchange-traded products (ETPs) on the Euronext stock exchanges in Amsterdam and Paris on June 1.)

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