Upbit reveals types that should not be deceived “It will be listed soon, so if you invest now, we will return O times after listing.”

Dunamu, who operates Upbit, disclosed the types of digital asset listing fraud based on cases received through the’Upbit listing fraud reporting channel’ and called for attention once again.

Based on the 61 listing fraud reports received through the channel, 9 types of suspicion were also disclosed.

[9 types of suspicious listing fraud]

1. “O-Month, Upbit listing is certain”

2. “It will be listed soon. If you invest now, we will return O times after listing.”

3. “Because it was listed on the OO Exchange today in order to be listed on Upbit in the future, trade now”

4. “Only for these chat rooms, we will be holding a private sale of coins that will be listed on Upbit soon”

5. “I assure you that the price will increase by O times if you list it on Upbit.”

6. “It is a coin issued directly by Upbit. Upbit will argue that it is not unconditionally true until it goes public in terms of policy, but this is certain information, so trust and invest.”

7. “I’m an Upbit employee, and if you have any intention to list Upbit, I’ll help you.”

8. “We guarantee the listing of Upbit at low cost”

9. “This is a picture of the Upbit lounge that I took because I knew well with the Upbit officials. Trust and invest”


Author/ Translator: Jamie Kim
Bio: Jamie Kim is a technology journalist. Raised in Hong Kong and always vocal at heart. She aims to share her expertise with the readers at blockreview.net. Kim is a Bitcoin maximalist who believes with unwavering conviction that Bitcoin is the only cryptocurrency – in fact, currency – worth caring about.