Trustbus, a blockchain-based digital financial service company, finally selected for MS Startup Program

Trustbus, a blockchain-based digital financial service company, finally selected for MS Startup Program

TrustVerse, a blockchain-based digital financial service company, announced on the 7th that it was selected as a promising startup in the Microsoft (Microsoft) startup program.

The MS Startup Program provides various benefits from end-to-end, such as investment support with major VC partners, Azure credit for cloud services, and entry into overseas markets. In addition, Microsoft’s Azure service package supports infrastructure for digital business expansion, such as cloud credit, Visual Studio, GitHub enterprise subscription license, Power BI, and Automate.

In particular, the MS Startup Program helps to expand startups in various areas such as future investment attraction and equity investment.

Trustbus is also discussing the partnership of the master key service with Microsoft channel partners in joint ventures and marketplaces. Currently, Trustverse is also expanding its business through a strategic partnership with R3, the world’s largest financial blockchain protocol company, headquartered in New York.

Trust Bus has built the world’s first blockchain-based private key protection and digital asset non-custodial service, multi-wallet, CBDC application service, digital marketplace, and integrated digital service based on digital ledger, such as virtual asset analysis service. Recently, after the capital increase, it joined the Singapore Business Federation, and the global CBDC Tier-1 working group centered on R3 International Central Bank is aggressively expanding its base business, along with building standards and sandboxes.

In addition, Trustbus was appointed as an advisor to the UK’s largest digital music distribution startup, Ditto Music’s Opulous NFT digital rights advisory and initial investment company. We are doing our best to expand the NFT ecosystem of sound source works by linking the foundation solutions of Trust Bus.

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