TriumphX, NFT Marketplace Sole-X Beta Version Launched

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TriumphX, a cross-chain decentralized NFT platform developer, said that it has launched a beta version of Sol-X, an NFT marketplace. Triumph X opened Sol-X ( under the slogan “Crossing World of NFTs”, which means that it can cross-polb various chain-based NFTs.

TriumphX has spurred the development of the NFT platform starting with the launch of in February. On the NFT publishing site,, various NFTs were published and sold, focusing on art, and Market S was also opened to purchase special editions.

Sol-X will support various NFT transactions issued by In addition, TriumphX provides consulting services for the entire process of NFT registration and sales for one month for free transaction fees to 30 teams of NFT publishers who wish to upload NFTs to SolX after the release of Sol-X beta. .

Crosschain implemented in the beta version of SolX supports cross-transaction using Ethereum and Clayton-based NFTs and tokens. The wallets that can be linked are Metamask, Kaikas, and Clip, and there are four tokens used as trading methods: Ethereum (ETH), Clay (KLAY), TriumphX (TRIX), and Tether (USDT).

Sol-X is designed to support user-friendly UX so that users using the platform can perform all processes without a separate understanding of cross-chain. Users can intuitively use the functions of cross-chain using the existing NFT transaction experience.

An official at TriumpX said, “SolX is the world’s first cross-chain NFT marketplace that allows Ethereum-based NFTs and tokens to be easily traded on Clayton-based platforms. It is our direction to create the largest NFT portal by supporting cross-chain compatibility of more diverse digital assets in the future.”

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