The main character of the original Dojimim to be auctioned by NFT, Shiba Inu ‘Cabos’

Atsuko Sato, a Japanese kindergarten teacher behind the Doji meme, wants to get a piece of the cryptocurrency craze. This was reported on the 7th (local time) by YouTube.

She just announced that ’10 Years of Meme’, an artwork related to Kabos, the real protagonist of Dojimeme, will be auctioned off as a non-fungible token (NFT). The auction will take place on June 8th at the Zora Market.

Proceeds will be donated to charities.

The event will be curated by “Know Your Meme”, an online meme encyclopedia.

The Doji meme began on February 23, 2010, when Sato shared photos of her adopted female Shiba Inu dog, Kabos.

Her photo went viral a few months after she was shared on Reddit in October 2010.

This meme later inspired programmers Billy Marcus and Jackson Palmer to create a Bitcoin parody dubbed ‘DOGE’ in 2013.

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