The Korea Artificial Intelligence Association to support the patent law of an artificial intelligence (AI) certified company

The Korea Artificial Intelligence Association (KORAIA, Chairman Hyun-cheol Kim) is working to support patent law services for artificial intelligence certified companies.

On the 17th, the Korea Artificial Intelligence Association signed an agreement with the Pi Patent Law Firm (hereinafter referred to as’Pi Patent’) and’AI-Tech’ and Korea’s first’social artificial intelligence certification (AI for SDGs)’ cooperation business agreement. Revealed.

Pi Patent is a patent office that proposes the standard of the domestic artificial intelligence patent industry, starting with the patent work of Sua Lab Co., Ltd. (currently Cognex Korea) in 2013. I am working with startups.

More than half of PI Patent’s total patent work is artificial intelligence patent cases, and since 2018, it has been selected as the only startup that constitutes the artificial intelligence ecosystem selected by the Korea Artificial Intelligence Association. It is recognized as.

Through this business agreement, the two organizations will cooperate in technology review and patent law service support at the time of AI-Tech certification.

The PI patent reviews the technologies of member companies that require AI-Tech certification of the Korea Artificial Intelligence Association based on the accumulated technology understanding and work experience in the field of artificial intelligence.

The investigation report provided by PI Patent includes review opinions on the innovation and patentability of the technology, and through this, we plan to provide objective verification results for the technology in the AI-Tech certification process.

If an AI-Tech certified company that has applied for social AI certification wants to make a patent right for a technology, the Korea Artificial Intelligence Association plans to support the patent right of the technology along with the PI patent.

Since 2016, the patent team dedicated to artificial intelligence of Pi Patent has continuously suggested plans for the rightsization of artificial intelligence patents, and standardized them through regular seminars and various contributions.

With this agreement, as the patent team dedicated to artificial intelligence of PI patents proceeds with the rightsization work, members who receive AI-Tech certification and social artificial intelligence certification of the Korea Artificial Intelligence Association will receive organic support such as technology verification and monopoly rightsization. I was able to do it.

“Through this cooperation, AI-Tech certification, an artificial intelligence technology evaluation, will develop into a practical corporate support service that includes the technology rightsization system,” said Lee Dae-ho, representative patent attorney of the Pi Patent Law Firm. “I am happy to be with the Korean Artificial Intelligence Association,” he said.

Jong-Hyun Lee, Director of the Korea Artificial Intelligence Association and Director of the Future Strategy Project, said, “The Korea Artificial Intelligence Association, together with the United Nations Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), implemented the’Social Artificial Intelligence Certification System’, the first artificial intelligence certification system in Korea that aims to create social values. “Through this business agreement with the PI patent, we will actively expand support for social artificial intelligence companies aiming at the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), including tech-certified companies, to expand the trusted artificial intelligence.” Revealed aspirations.

Photo: From left, Director Jong-Hyun Lee, Secretary General Kwon Young-joon, Chairman Hyun-cheol Kim, and Dae-Ho Lee, Representative Patent Attorney of the Pi Patent Law Firm, Gun-Hong Park, Partner Patent Attorney, and Patent Attorney Kim Yong-deok are taking commemorative photos after the ceremony for cooperation agreement with artificial intelligence certification and patent legal services.


Author/ Translator: Jamie Kim
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