The Japanese Financial Services Agency, approved as a cryptocurrency trading company to the NFT-related company’Coinbook’

The Japan Financial Services Agency announced on the 16th that it has authorized Coinbook as a cryptocurrency exchanger (exchange) based on the Act on Payment of Funds. Coinpost reported this on the 16th.

Coinbook is a company that joined as a second-class member of JVCEA (Japan Cryptocurrency Exchange Association) for the purpose of registering a cryptocurrency exchange business on January 1 of this year. The registration of the exchange business was reached in about four and a half months from the registration of the second class member.

Under the theme of’New Wind in the Blockchain Market’, we are working on a business that utilizes blockchain technology in the entertainment field.

In October 2020, it started the service of the digital trading card platform’NFT Treka’, and sold it using blockchain technology to Treka of the idol group’SKE48′.


(The 17th day of the year, the date of the coinbook of the former Association of Korea)

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